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35 Years Providing Productivity Solutions for Orbital Welding Using the Orbital Welder

Since 1971, Magnatech has been manufacturing a wide range of systems for orbital tube and pipe welding, as well as for tube-to-tubesheet applications.

These innovative products emphasize simplicity, reliability, and ease-of-use of an orbital welder.

Magnatech systems improve productivity by increasing duty cycle, reducing repair rates, and producing welds of consistent quality.

Magnatech Vision

It is our mission to provide solutions that will increase pipe welding productivity and quality to customers worldwide. From orbital welder training and timely service to unparalleled technical assistance, we draw upon years of knowledge in order to provide precision products and achieve our goal of complete customer satisfaction.

The Magnatech Orbital Welder

Starting in the late 1960's, the orbital welder was introduced as a solution for reducing the amount of weight via less weldment and contamination carried within both hydraulic and fuel systems used on the commercial aircraft.

A century later, this type of welding began to be used in pharmaceutical water systems. One of the main reasons for this, is the way that it provided a way to get rid of contamination from the areas in which water had the potential for storage. Often, if the contamination was not eliminated then this led to the production of bacteria within the water.

Starting in the 1980's orbital welding became the solution for potential explosions possible in the manufacture of semiconductors. With the orbital welder, this improved on the amount of yield by helping to gain in areas within leak integrity in addition to gas purity.

The History of Magnatech Orbital Welders

In 1971, Magnatech started producing a large range of different type of systems. This corresponded to pipe welding, in addition to orbital tube welding, along with tube-to-tubesheet applications. All of the products produced, continue to aim for reliability, ease, and simple use.

Magnatech Vision

Currently, the company aims to increase productivity in welders through the applications offered, while ensuring quality is not sacrificed in the process. Therefore, the company offers welder training, in addition to excellent and timely service in the technical service offered. Ultimately, the company aims to provide the whole package when it comes to meeting customer service needs.

Orbital Welder Uses

In general, the orbital welder is used within a large range of different industries. Some of the more common industries involve their use on semiconductor gas delivery systems, aerospace, oil and gas industry, food processing and the pharmaceutical industry. For the most part, tube welding offers a high amount of precision and are extremely accurate and repeatable as long as all of the variables involved are monitored, controlled, as well as identified.
At any time, improper monitoring of any one of these variables can lead to poor weld quality. In any case, the preparation of the tubing is essential in regards to its squareness and fit up. Additionally, the surface must not have any presence of burrs.

Today's Dilemma within Industry

Presently, there is a high need for those who are qualified welders and good at their job. However, most of those who are welders at this time are above the age of 50. Therefore, a shortage of highly qualified wielders is inevitable in the future ahead. With this in mind, it becomes crucial to use such equipment as the orbital welder in place of the high-qualified wielders.

The Advantages of Using Magnatech Orbital Welders

      • Increase Productivity through an increased duty cycle
      • Reduces the amount of repair rates
      • Produces consistently quality wields
      • Simple to use
      • Ease in use
      • Reliable
      • Repeatable welds
      • Even and smooth tube bore
      • Decreased area affected by heat (HAZ)
      • Elimination of defects

Overall, Magnatech orbital welding systems work to provide a solution to the future dilemma of having a shortage of highly qualified welders. As welders continue to increase in age, the Magnatech orbital welder solution becomes more apparent and valuable than ever before.